Fact: 21,500 children are at risk of food insecurity in Central Alabama

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We can't say thank you enough to all of our sponsors, for being a part of the Hoover Helps Family. Without you we wouldn't be able to reach the underfed children and their families in Hoover.

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Food Insecurity Facts

Over 500 children in Hoover have been identified as food insecure and likely many others that have not been identified.

There are 1 in 4 children in Alabama and 1 in 6 children in Jefferson County that are food insecure.

73,000 children in central Alabama skip meals, do not eat for a whole day or go hungry because there is not enough money to buy food for the household Children who depend upon free or reduced priced meals at school may be at risk of hunger on weekends, holidays, and over summer when schools are closed.

Food insecurity is devastating for children. Not getting proper nutrition impacts a child’s physical and mental health. It’s associated with delayed development, poor academic performance, increased risk of chronic illness and behavioral problems. Children can’t concentrate in class and miss more school days due to illnesses.


We invite you to donate money here.


A local company started a voluntary program with their employees for payroll deduction. Through that program over 200 children were able to have proper nutrition for one school year.

Reach out to for more information about starting a payroll deduction program at your company.

"It was the most rewarding event our comapny ever participated in..."


Get involved. Sponsor our upcoming events.

Hunger Challenge

Ho Ho Hoover at Randle Home and Gardens

Kindness Week

Hoover Restaurant Week

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