In late 2014, we invited friends and community leaders to attend a meeting to discuss way that we could give back to our community.  We learned that there were children in Hoover that were food insecure and didn’t have proper nutrition.  Hoover Helps was created in February 2015 and our mission is to help meet the basic needs of the children in Hoover.  Hoover Helps is a family and volunteer driven nonprofit.  We partner with 13 faith-based organizations that deliver over $141,000 of food to children and families in need.  Hoover Helps raises money to fill gaps and create new feeding and support opportunities. 

In 2021, Hoover Helps delivered: 

Food donated for distribution - $27,251

Help to children and families in crisis - $22,042

Help toward individual families in need - $14,757

Donations to church food pantries - $9,343

Support for high school children - $6,009

Clothing donated to children  - $1,050


We also helped support the Meals in Motion Food Bus that distributed over 36,000 lunches in 2020, and over 78,000 lunches in 2021 to children in Hoover this past summer.

Our two daughters, niece and nephew have been student leaders since we started.  They are all actively involved in creating and leading projects that benefit Hoover children.


Our Story

Our organization was developed to help meet the basic needs of our children. We will augment the great work that is currently being done by other organizations and fill gaps related to the needs of our children.

Hoover Helps is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is actively engaged with school leaders, churches, businesses and other organizations to help align community resources. Resources will be used to address current unmet needs such as food insecurity.

Currently there are numerous Hoover children that are food insecure. Their best meals occur during breakfast and lunch provided at school. During the weekends, many children do not have food or enough food. This is unacceptable.

There are several churches and organizations in Hoover that are helping address this unmet need by providing food in the children’s backpacks to take home on Fridays for the weekend. There are currently 13 faith-based organizations that are supporting our local schools with feeding programs. There are over 500 children being helped in some way, 419 in the Hoover elementary and middle schools alone.

Hoover Helps will continue to help facilitate these partnerships and raise funds to fill the gaps. In 2018, we’ll continue to provide support to organizations that are helping feed Hoover children and help create feeding initiatives for children that are not currently receiving help. We also launched a significant partnership with neighborhood bridges.  Neighborhood Bridges Hoover is an internet platform that empowers our school counselors to post the individual needs of children.  Needs are posted, then circulated via email and social media to people in our community.  With a simple click on the “I can help” button, needs are filled then delivered by counselors to the child in need.  Please sign up to deliver kindness on neighborhood bridges Hoover using your email address.

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