There are children in most communities that are food insecure.

Many Rely on school food

Their best meals occur durning breakfast and lunch which are provided by their school. During the weekends many children do not have food, or enough food. That is unacceptable.


A little over a month ago my family and I were in such a dark place, I had a bad car accident on January 8, 2021.  I know 2020 was a rough and trying time for many families, but it was especially hard for my family, we lost our apartment and had been living in a hotel room for a little over 9 months.  When the accident happened I just began to curl up like a snail, but that’s only because I’m human NOT because I gave up on God.  My family truly believes in the Lord God Almighty. My daughters school got in touch with an organization Called HOOVER HELPS, which by the way I have renamed myself to HOOVER HELPS-SAVES LIVES... Within 31/2 weeks we had a place to lay our heads that we can call home right now and not only that WE NOW HAVE TRANSPORTATION thanks to Hoover Helps.  My family really was at the point of almost giving up and these ANGELS that were sent by God helped us see a SHINING LIGHT at the end of a very LONG and DARK tunnel. What I love about them the most is they wanted NOTHING in return, all they needed from us is to pay it forward. The gifts of love that were given to my family were LIFE CHANGING and I’m so very glad God placed the spirit of giving on the hearts and minds of EVERYONE involved with HOOVER HELPS.  Anything that I thought my family needed, they provided for us. I’m so glad to know that there are still kind, caring and considerate, genuine, Godly people in this world today. May God continue to bless them in their endeavors to help their fellow man....

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