Thank you for making 2016 an outstanding year!

You helped address food insecurity in Hoover. Your support made a huge difference in 2016! We will continue to eliminate childhood hunger in Hoover – we are well on our way! Hoover Helps is a 501(c)3 non-profit and our mission is to help meet the basic needs of the children in Hoover. As you know, there are children in Hoover that don’t have proper nutrition, especially on weekends. Backpack feeding programs help them by providing food for them to eat. There are currently 379 children that are being helped and taking food home to eat over the weekends. Here are a few highlights of 2016:

  • There are 12 faith based organizations that are sponsoring backpack programs at one of our schools. These organizations are contributing in excess of $75,000 in non-perishable food to our children each year.
  • 20 organizations and businesses helped by donating, fundraising and conducting food drives. This includes numerous student groups and clubs. We encourage everyone to pitch in and help out.
  • Hundreds of Hoover residents are making a huge difference by volunteering, gathering food and making financial contributions to one of the churches or to Hoover Helps.
  • Donations to Hoover Helps in 2016 – $22, 857.12 (61% individual and 39% corporate)
  • 100% of funds raised to support Hoover feeding programs are being used to support these initiatives.
  • $10,720 used to support feeding programs:
    • $5,618 to develop new Hoover feeding programs
    • $2,940 to support current Hoover programs
    • $2,162 to support Hoover families in need
  • Pilot programs are ongoing at two additional schools. These programs are helping numerous children and families in Hoover by providing food.

The people of Hoover continue to demonstrate their passion and dedication to end hunger in Hoover. The speed and degree of support in 2016 is inspirational. Our community is coming together to address food insecurity. This will result in hundreds of children that will receive proper nutrition and achieve their full potential. Your continued support is appreciated and making a huge difference.

Thanks again for a great 2016!

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