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Collaborate with and help empower the people of Hoover to identify and help meet the basic needs of our children.Create an organization that mobilizes and empowers the community to help meet the basic needs of the children of Hoover.  This will be done by identifying needs and aligning resources and volunteers in the community

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Neighborhood Bridges helping schools deliver kindness to students

Teachers and support staff see it every day in Alabama schools. In fact, countless educators lose sleep worrying over the needs of their students. Often, they will spend their own money to provide the basics for their students such as clothing, food, and supplies. David Bannister is a Hoover resident who is heavily involved in
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4th Annual Hunger Challenge

It’s great to live in a place like Hoover! The 4th Annual Hunger Challenge occurred on a perfect football night, October 12, 2018. The Hoover and Spain Park fans, once again, delivered strong support for the children in Hoover that are food insecure. Thank you all for the generous donations and a great night! After
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